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Grass is a stable feed source and cover plant in many applications. Soft succulent cat grasses to hard sports pitch grass.

Green Manure Seeds

Planting deep rooted nitrogen fixing plants on clays and depleted soils allows recovery ready for the following year. Just bury the crop at the end of the growth period.


Wild flowers are nature’s attraction for wildlife. Bees and butterflies love our mixes. Including grass in some mixtures allows grazing animals to enjoy it too.

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Green Manure Seed

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Chancton Seeds is a family run business with over 20 years of experience in the seeds industry. Their dedicated team pride themselves on supplying a first class service to you.  Many customers contact Chancton Seeds for help and advice getting the most from the seeds supplied and keep increasing order variety and volume year on year; insisting on the highest customer service.

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“I ordered my first packets of seeds through eBay and soon realised Chancton Seeds are a cut above the run of the mill normally advertised on there. I now order directly from the website as its cheaper too. To start with the packaging is very precise and secure. Then the label is coloured to standards and includes details I have no idea what they mean – apparently to do with traceability. I was very pleased with the amount that grew. Thank you Chancton Seeds.”

“Your guidance was needed thank you. Knowing how much and how often to water seed was what I was getting wrong trying to get them going without success – drowning them I now realise. Thank you. Will use you again.”

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