Chancton Seeds is a family run seed company nestled at the foot of the South Downs.

Our website is being updated but for now we have left on the current website some of our Green Manure seeds and our very popular Cat Oat Grass seeds for your pets.

Our website development is being revised and will be updated shortly.  We will be having many Native Wild Flower seeds available on our new updated website. We have left some of our range of Green Manures on the current website including Field Beans (Variety: Wizard) Phacelia, Yellow Blossom Clover, Crimson Clover , White Clover and Red Clover.

Wild flower seed mixtures are in stock and we are increasing our range as we want to help benefit the insect pollinators that are at risk.

Grass seeds with many uses such as lawns, grazing, pony paddocks, embankments and other areas will be added to our new wesite.

Our Sussex grown sweet Cat Oat Grass seeds for Cats and other pets is proving very popular throughout this country and in Europe. All orders received are processed and despatched as soon as possible.