1 Year Cutting Ley


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1 Year Cutting Ley

A 1 year intensive cutting mixture to provide high yielding swards. Sown in the spring Westerwold will provide at least two cuts in its harvest year.

Mixture: 50% Westerwold (T) and 50% Italian Ryegrass (T).  Sowing rate: 14-16kg/acre. 

Seed supplied in 20kg bags. Minimum order: 2 x 20kg bags

  • Sprinter produces rapid growth and high yields
  • Frost free sites are essential for autumn sown crops as Westerwold is not noted for winter hardiness
  • Rapid regrowth after cutting
  • Responds to high inputs of fertiliser
  • Good resistance to mildew and rhynchosporium

Approximate date of 67D 16th May

Email: stephen@chanctonseeds.co.uk to discuss larger orders.


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