Betony Wild Flower Seeds




400 seeds (Approx)  Betony Wild Flower Seeds

Betony (Betonia officinalis). The seed is from a UK native sustainable source.

Betony is a perennial plant commonly found growing along hedgerows, wooded areas and by roadsides. It also grows well in the garden and in grassland. Betony produces a purple/red flower on its many flowering stems providing a food source for many bees, including Honeybees and wild bees. Betony is a good companion for Lady’s Bedstraw, Red Campion and Ox-Eye Daisy.

The pink to purple flowers appear from the end of July to September on a long stem. We are currently waiting for a new picture of the plants in flower.


Grows well on many soil types with a preference for heavy soils and shady areas.


Sow the seeds outdoors where you want the plants to grow in spring or late summer. Sprinkle thinly on the soil surface cover very lightly with fine soil. Keep moist and weed free.


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