Birdsfoot Trefoil seed


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Birdsfoot Trefoil seed.

2gm (approx. 1,500 seeds). The seed is from a sustainable Native English source.

A common creeping native perennial wildflower of dry grassland and roadside. Birdsfoot Trefoil has bright yellow flowers often streaked with red. It is often called ‘The Eggs and Bacon plant’. An excellent nectar wildflower plant and a caterpillar food plant for the Common Blue and Clouded yellow butterflies. The long seed pods look like a bird’s foot. Once established Birdsfoot Trefoil flowers from May to October and is about 30cm high. This plant works well when in the company of Ox-Eye Daisy as it is lower and gives a good yellow colour under the white. 

Soil Types

Good well drained soil in an open and sunny site. Birdsfoot Trefoil is Leguminous.


Sow directly where you want the plants to flower in March to May and in the autumn when the soils are warm and above 7 degrees C.. Lightly rake the ground and scatter the seeds on the soil surface and gently tread in. If possible keep weed free until seedlings are established. Try it in any bare space or even a few pots to brighten up the garden.

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