Butterfly and Bee Wildflower Seeds




Butterfly and Bee Wildflower Seeds

100% UK Native Wildflower seeds of 26 Native wildflower species. There is no grass in this mixture only 100% seeds of wild flower species.

Spring sowing will have Summer flowers from mid-June to September giving as many flowers as possible for the Butterflies, Bees and other pollinating insects. The wild flowers in the mixture are:

Agrimony (Yellow); Yarrow (White); Kidney Vetch (Yellow); Common Knapweed (Pink); Greater Knapweed (Pink); Viper’s Bugloss (Blue); Meadow Cranesbill (Blue); Field Scabious (Pink/Purple); Birdsfoot Trefoil (Yellow); Purple Loosestrife (Purple); Wild Marjoram (Purple); Small Scabious (Purple); Wild Red Clover (Red/Pink); Borage (Blue); Wild Clary (Purple); White Clover (White); Corn Cockle (Purple); Cornflower (Blue); Ox-Eye Daisy (White); Foxglove (Purple); Goatsbeard (Yellow); Musk Mallow (Pink); Common Poppy (Red); Ragged Robin (Pink); Sainfoin (Red); Teasel (Purple).

Our seed is from a sustainable Native English source.

Soil Types

Grows well on most soil types. Prefers full sun if possible.

When to Sow

Sow in the Spring or Autumn.

Ideal for those small corners where there is a piece of bare ground or in borders or in pots to create a show.

After flowering, allow the seeds to dry out and fall to the ground. Cut the plants down when all the seed has been shed and remove the cut stalks. Lightly rake the ground to disturb the soil which will encourage the seed to germinate for the following year.

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