Cat Oat Grass Seeds


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Cat Oat Grass Seeds  

Cat Oat Grass can bring some natural new green growth indoors for your pets to enjoy especially during the winter. Cats and other pets can enjoy the taste of the fresh green shoots of sweet new Oat Grass seeds. The new shoots are the most succulent and nutritious for your pets to enjoy. The seeds will grow all year round and in the winter grow them indoors. The leaves contain many vitamins and other essential minerals for the health of pets.

Cats and Dogs often eat fresh green grass when outside in the mornings through natural instinct. Lawn grass is rich in vitamins, enzymes and minerals that are good for their health. However, some lawn grasses are naturally rough which can cause a throat irritation making the animal cough and sometimes sick. New growth of Oat Grass seeds is soft, sweet and easily swallowed without causing throat irritation to the pets. The seeds can be grown as a great treat for Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Tortoises, Birds, Chickens and other pet reptiles and small animals. Once used a few times cutting the leaves back will allow regrowth providing fresh new green growth.

Every purchase contains growing instructions for our clean and dust free seed. (There may be a few small pieces of straw in the bags.) The purchase does not include containers for growing the seeds.  We are currently waiting for a new picture.

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