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Cocksfoot Grass

Cocksfoot is a Native Perennial Grass and is naturally clump forming growing from 20 – 150cm tall..

Cocksfoot grows early in the spring and likes a range of soils including light, free-draining soil to moist soil liable to flood. This grass continually produces young leaves and can withstand heavy grazing.

Cocksfoot is widely used for hay because of its high yields, protein and sugar content, making it sweeter than most other grasses though is palatable only when grazed frequently.

It is drought tolerant and shade tolerant and often used as a vegetation cover in orchards. Cocksfoot is an ideal companion grass for legumes in mixed permanent pastures with red clover for hay or white clover for grazing. 

Sow any time of the year on bare soil but it will require water if sown during dry conditions. Sowing rate: 2gm/sq metre. 8 kg per acre (20 kg/ha).

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