Corn Marigold Seeds


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Corn Marigold seed.

1gm (approx. 600 seeds). The seed is from a sustainable Native English source.

An easy to grow annual for the garden and a great plant for children to grow. Corn Marigold  produces bright yellow flowers from June to September and is attractive to Bees and other pollinators. Corn Marigold likes to be in a mixture with other wild flowers and grows well with Cornflower and Ox-Eye Daisy.  Corn Marigold plants in flower reach a height of 20-45cm. We are currently waiting for a new picture.

Corn Marigold can be encouraged to grow in the same place each year. At then end of the year cut back and remove dead plants after the seed has fallen. Cultivate the ground lightly in the autumn or early the following spring as this wildflower thrives in disturbed soil.

Soil Types

Good well drained soil in an open and sunny site. They can be grown on any small bare patch in the garden or even in pots or tubs for fun.


Sow directly where you want the plants to flower in March to May and in the autumn. Lightly rake the ground and scatter the seeds on the soil surface and gently tread in. If possible keep weed free until seedlings are established. Spring sowing will bring flowers in Jue to July.Try it in any bare space or even a few pots to brighten up the garden.


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