Corncockle Seeds




Approx 200 seeds. Native Corncockle Wild Flower Seeds

The seed is from a UK sustainable source.

Corncockle  (Agrostemma githago)

An easy to grow annual with long, narrow, soft hairy leaves growing up to 1 metre tall. The large (up to 3.5cm across) pinky purple flowers are borne singly on a long stem and are surrounded by long pointed sepals. The flowers are followed by a straw coloured flask like seed head containing large (3.5mm) black, rough textured seed

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Good well drained soil in an open and sunny site.


March to June (Spring time) for summer flowering. It is best to avoid sowing in the winter as the seeds do not like the cold and wet winter conditions.


Sow directly into soil where you want the plants to flower in the spring or autumn and lightly rake.

Keep weed free in the early stages of growth.

Corncockle can be encouraged to regrow in the same place every year. Cut back and remove dead plants after the seed has fallen. Cultivate the ground lightly in the autumn or early the following spring. This wildflower thrives in disturbed ground.


The seeds should germinate in 8-15 days given the correct climatic conditions of warmth and moisture. Do not allow to dry out once germinated.


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