Dandelion Seeds


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Native Dandelion Wild Flower Seeds

The seed is from a UK native sustainable source.  

Dandelion (Taraxacum officinale).                Tortoises and Rabbits in particular love the leaves of these plants which can be eaten fresh.

Dandelion is commonly found in most grasslands and often in older lawns. It as a rosette forming, winter green perennial found throughout the UK. The distinctive yellow flower heads are produced on stems throughout the summer. The flowers are attractive to Bees and other pollinating insects such as Hover flies and Butterflies and are early source of nectar in the spring. The picture is of a plant in flower. Once established the plants flower from April to September or later in some years. 


The plants will grow in nearly all soil types.


Sow in the spring or autumn either outside where you want the plants to flower or in seed trays and then planted out when young plants. Dandelion seed benefits from a period of cold before planting (cold stratification) and 1 week in a fridge benefits germination.

Sow the seed on the surface and lightly press in to the soil. Do not cover as the seed requires light to germinate. Lightly moisten in dry periods.

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