Self-Heal seeds


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Self-Heal seeds.

1gm (approx. 1,000 seeds). The seed is from a sustainable Native English source.

Self-heal is a native perennial plant found commonly throughout the British Isles. The plants grow to about 20cm and have a large purple flower that is very attractive to Bees. The flowers start in late June (once established) and will last to September. Self-heal is found in meadows, pastures, on roadsides and clearings in woodland and in lawns. As the plants are short they can be dominated by tall grassland which should be cut to allow the plants to thrive. In short pastures the plants thrive and easily spread through vegetative means. Grow some in any bare patches in the garden. 

Soil Types

Prefers moist, moderately fertile chalky or limestone soils or soils that are not acid. 


Sow directly where you want the plants to flower in any bare patches or even pots in March to May and in the autumn. Lightly rake the ground and scatter the seeds on the soil surface and gently tread in. If possible keep weed free until established.

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