Timothy Grass Seeds


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Timothy Grass Seeds

Timothy Grass Seeds are easy to grow in pots or in trays and can bring some natural new green growth indoors for your pets to enjoy, especially during the winter. Cats and other pets can enjoy the taste of the fresh green shoots of Timothy Grass seeds. The new shoots are the most succulent and nutritious for your pets to enjoy. The seeds will grow all year round, and in the winter, grow them indoors.

To grow the Timothy Grass seeds indoors, fill pots or trays with compost or soil and sprinkle the seeds across the surface. Lightly cover the seeds with a little more compost or soil and lightly firm the surface. Water gently with a spray and cover the pots or trays. Remove the cover after 7 days and allow the seedlings to emerge and grow. Depending on temperature and moisture the time for germination and emergence is variable. The leaves are a great treat for Cats, Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Tortoises, and other pet reptiles and small animals. If the leaves become too long or straggly, cut them back to allow regrowth providing fresh new green leaves.

Timothy Grass seeds can be grown outside when conditions are warm enough (Eg. late March to April onwards). Scatter the seed onto some lightly raked bare soil. Firm the surface using the back of the rake. Gently water and protect from birds if necessary.

The purchase does not include containers for growing the seeds. Seed packet dispatch is by 1st class post except 1kg packs which are sent by ‘tracked’ parcels.

The seed is from DEFRA Certified stock and is fully traceable. We are currently waiting for a new picture.

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