White Mustard


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White Mustard  

White Mustard is a fast growing green manure crop producing large quantities of biomass for incorporating into the ground as a green manure. Mustard ‘scavenges’ for Nitrogen which is released when the plant is dug back into the ground. This helps prevents the Nitrogen leaching during the winter months. The Mustard plants must be cut back and incorporated into the soil before the plants finish flowering to prevent any seeds setting. This can occur in about 8 weeks in warm conditions.

Soil Types

The seeds grow well on all soil types.


White Mustard can be sown in the spring (March to May) or autumn (August to early October) but the plants are not frost hardy.

Sow at a rate of 5-8gms per square metre by broadcasting onto dug or prepared soil then cover to about 1cm (1/2″ deep).


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