Cornfield Annuals and Companion Grasses Seed




Cornfield Annuals and Companion Grasses Seed

Create a mini meadow in your garden by sowing native UK grown and produced wild flower seeds. The mixture is complete with a low competition grass seed mixture composed of 20% wild flowers and 80% grass seed. 1kg covers 200 sq metres. There is NO Ryegrass in this seeds mixture.

This will create a meadow which is quite easy to look after and provide interest through the growing season.

The seed mixture consists of the following wild flowers:

1. Corn Cockle – Agrostemma githago  30%.  Colour – Purple.     Height 60-120cm.  Flowers June – August

2. Corn Flower – Centurea cyanus   20%.  Colour – Blue.     Height 30-60cm.  Flowers June – August

3. Corn Marigold – Chrysanthemum segetum  15%.  Colour – Yellow.     Height 15-45cm.  Flowers June – October

4.Corn Poppy – Papaver rhoeas   5%.  Colour – Red.     Height 30-60cm.  Flowers June – September

5. White Campion – Silene alba  10%.  Colour – White.     Height 60-90cm.  Flowers May – September

6. Corn Chamomile – Anthemis arvensis  20%.  Colour – White.     Height 15-50cm.  Flowers June – July

plus the following low competition grasses:

1. Red Fescue – Festuca rubra 20%.  Height: 15-90cm

2. Crested Dogstail – Cynosurus cristatus  24%.  Height:  2-75cm

3.  Sheeps Fescue    Festuca ovina 40%.  Height: 5-60cm

4. Browntop Bent – Agrostis castellana  8%.  Height: 10-70cm

5.  Smooth Stalk Meadow Grass – Poa pratensis  8%.  Height: 10-90cm.


Good well drained soil in an open or sunny site. Avoid using land that is completely shaded or covered by trees. The wild flower seed mixture is ideal for soils that are more fertile with good levels of organic matter or high in natural nutrients.


March to mid-May and August to early October. The recommended sowing rates for wild flower seed mixtures are lower than lawn and amenity grass sowing rates (2-5gms/square metre instead of the normal 30-50gms/square metre). Wild flowers seeds are planted to allow a longer period of establishment as the mixture contains fast growing grasses and slower germinating wild flower seeds.

  1. Mix seed – regularly mix to ensure even species distribution
  2. Drill/broadcast – calibrate sowing device
  3. Rate – 5gms/square metre mixtures with grass
  4. Sand – bulk up small seeding rates with 4 parts silica sand to one part seed by weight
  5. Raking/harrowing – mix seed into soil (depth approx 0.5 cm)
  6. Roller – use a Roller to firm the seed bed


The seeds should germinate in 10-21 days given the correct climatic conditions of warmth and moisture.


The plants should start flowering from around mid June, depending on growing conditions such as warmth and moisture and date of sowing. Flowering should continue until about the beginning of November subject to early frosts. Some of the wild flowers may not flower until the second year.

The wild flower mixture gives a good cover, can be seen from a distance and is attractive to Bees and other insect pollinators in the natural environment.


Make the first cut in early March and a second cut once the flowering period is over – September/October.   Harrow Autumn or Spring to regenerate annuals.

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